Parent Testimonials

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At the end of each summer, Brantwood Camp, provides families with an opportunity to tell us how we are doing. Consistently families write about observing increased independance, self-confidence, ability to assume responsibility, and increased abilities to work with others and respect differences. We appreciate hearing the feedback of Brantwood families year after year, and you can read a sampling of their comments below.


"My daughter is looking forward to coming back next summer. She had fun, learned a lot, and made many friends."


"The growth that we saw in our son was amazing. He came back with self-confidence, understanding, and a real commitment to the Brantwood Ideals."


"I want to thank you all so much. My daughter had a wonderful time. She hasn’t stopped talking about Camp. It was such a great experience for her!"


"This was our first experience with overnight camp and I was a little nervous. I found out that I had no need to worry – it was an excellent opportunity for him and the highlight of my son’s summer vacation! He came home with a new sense of confidence which shows – and he is already looking forward to attending camp again next year! I am grateful for everything your staff and the camp did to make this such an important and enriching experience."


"The staff genuinely cares about the campers that they are responsible for and were wonderful role models for our child. We can’t thank you enough for this incredible experience."


"I really appreciate the time, effort, and devotion all of you contribute to the success of this Camp. My son’s experience was positive all around."


"Brantwood has been a very rewarding experience for my daughter. She looks forward to going again next year. It was the highlight of her summer. Thank you for all the time and attention you gave her. She has many happy memories that I think will last for years."


"Thank you to everyone for enriching my daughter's life!"


"I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of you at Brantwood Camp for giving my son a safe and wonderful experience at Camp this past summer. He was impressed by the rules and guidance. The sports he loved. The food was great."


"Brantwood has been a very strong positive influence in all of our children's lives and in ours."


"When my son arrived home from camp he said, 'I had a wonderful time. I want to go back next year.' I was pleased to notice he was more independent and responsible. He said that he appreciated the cooperation and sportsmanship displayed between himself and the other campers. I salute the emphasis placed on unselfishness, loyalty, respect and trust."